Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ooohhh, Canada!

Land of the maple syrup everything.  I went to Montreal for a day this weekend, and I found a lot of cool bakeries.  There was also a bakery/ice-cream parlor that sweetened everything with maple syrup.  When we were walking around the Quartiere Chinois, we found a super cool Asian bakery that had all kinds of cakes, pastries, and cookies.  The one that looked the tastiest was this one that was a pineapple pastry filled with anko (sweet bean paste).  We went to a cupcake shop/ice-cream parlor and bought a lemon cupcake for my mom, and it was soft and lemony all the way through!  We had quite lot of fun, and the ice-cream was delicious (my sister got maple sugar, and I got lychee)!  

Hope these pictures help show off how awesome Montreal is:

          (Anko pastries)
(Green Tea Odango)
(Green Tea Mousse & Fruit Cake)
(Mini Vanilla Cupcakes)
(Mini Lemon Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake, 
Pistachio Macaroon, Strawberry Macaroon, and
Maple Cupcake)
(Lychee Ice Cream and Maple Sugar Ice Cream)
(You know we're in Canada.....)



  1. did you bring me any maple syrup back? hope you had fun cuz the baked goodies look yummy!

  2. That lemon cupcake rocked! You need to figure out how to duplicate that recipe.