Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yummy Citrusy Goodness!

Today I made some glazed lemon cookies using this amazing recipe from Martha Stewart.  I had made these for my Opa's birthday in May, and they are one of our favorite recipes now.  The glaze on top makes them super soft and moist on the inside, and they have a delicious citrus zing to them.  

I halved the batch, scooped them out with a mini cookie scoop, and then covered them in glaze.  Then, for a fun twist, I made another half batch, but used key lime juice instead, and added green food coloring.  I did the same with the frosting, and they looked like Shrek cookies. :P  They were soooooo good!  They also looked really tasty on the plate with the lemon ones...But jeez, these are just so messy!

Remember everyone: If you don't want as big a mess as I had, you should lay down some foil or parchment paper under your cooling rack before you dip them...And maybe a touch less food coloring.


  1. The lemon cookies are probably my favorite cookie, now surpassing the beloved peanut butter cookie. Never thought the PB cookie could be dethroned.

  2. gosh, those cookies look delicious, where's your recipe? I'd love to make these for some friends.

  3. These are so artsy and bright :) I love em! xo