Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lucky Atlanta LIsteners!

Okie-dokie. This post has nothing to do with baking, but oh well!
This weekend, I was listening to my favorite radio show, and I thought "I should tell people about this!". The show is called Nippon Music Champ, WRAS Atlanta 88.5's "weekly rockin' and rollin', jumpin' and jivin' Japanese music show", run by the lovely B-chan. The show has been on the air since 2002, and I've been listening to it since October of last year.
I ran across this amazing show by happenstance one Sunday while driving back from seeing a play in Atlanta, and the channel finder picked up the station during a song by the Emeralds! I've listened to the show nearly every time since then, and I think I've only missed 6 or 7 episodes, which just goes to show my obsession for Japanese music! Hahaha.
I was the lucky winner a few months ago of a detroit7 cd, along with a some cool pins and an 88.5 sticker for my imaginary car. Tee-hee. I had some problems with my cd at first(gasp), but it finally works on my stereo! Yay!
I've talked with B-chan a few times, and she is always funny and nice to me. I love that she remembers people that call her a lot, and she's so sweet! =^.^= If you're around the Atlanta area you should definitely listen to her show if you like Japan, or are curious about music in other languages(she played a song this weekend that was in Swedish, Japanese, and English!). It is on every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm, and there are only short breaks in the music every half-hour or so. So no annoying 2 songs in 45 minutes with all commercials! Yay!
The website for the show lists all of her playlists, as well as info about the show and things of interest in the Atlanta area! There are a few shows coming up, including performances by Omodaka and Peelander-Z at AWA next month! So go on over and check out the awesome-sauce!

Some tasty Martha Stewart cupcakes!

This weekend I made some tasty mini-cupcakes using a Martha Stewart cupcake recipe that my mom found. They were called Brown-sugar Pound Cupcakes with a Brown-Butter Glaze, and they were delicious! I tweaked the glaze recipe a little, and while my results were completely different, it was very good.

Instead of browning the butter, I just melted it over low heat and then proceeded with the recipe directions. I added a dash of vanilla extract and a good squeeze of maple syrup, and it tasted wonderful. These cupcakes were so good, my mom and sister couldn't stop eating the batter right out of the mixing bowl! Hahaha. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, and it is a very easy recipe to make.